Volunteer Responsibilities

Elmbrook United is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on the volunteerism of our families and players.  We truly appreciate all our volunteers and couldn’t run Elmbrook United without you!

It is important to clarify the different types of volunteer jobs that exist within the club.

 Club Jobs (All Families)

These are jobs that generally benefit the club as a whole, such as:  field relining, field drawing, soccer park maintenance,  garbage collection, Academy or Bob Buss Tournament worker, office assistant, concessions worker, division director, recreational coach/assistant coach, recreational manager, U6/U7 referee, special events worker.

Starting in the spring of 2017, the club began assessing a $100 volunteer deposit which a family is charged at registration, one time per year, regardless of the number of players. In order for the deposit to be refunded, families complete volunteer jobs based on the number of players in the program. Note that at registration, families may choose to “opt out” of doing volunteer jobs, in which case the $100 will be kept by the club to offset costs to complete required work.

As club job volunteer opportunities arise throughout the year, families will be sent Sign-Up Genius signups by the Volunteer Coordinator or contacted directly via email by a club committee chairperson. During the online registration process, you were given the opportunity to indicate volunteer preferences. We try to match up volunteer opportunities to your preferences as best we can. You may receive requests to assist outside of your preference as need requires. Volunteer jobs generally range between 2-1/2 – 3 hours.

If you volunteer for one of the following jobs, you will receive volunteer credit for every child in your family: Recreational Coach, Recreational Assistant Coach, Select Manager, Select Treasurer, Division Director. All other volunteer jobs, except for these, count for one child and you must do one job for each child in your family to receive your volunteer credit.

Select Team Jobs (Select Team Families Only)

These are jobs that benefit a specific select team, such as:  manager, treasurer, tournament registration person, Elmbrook United Select Cup Tournament representative, team statistician, team social director, photographer, indoor coordinator, team fundraiser, team website manager, first aid kit organizer.

In addition to their “club” jobs, select families are asked to complete a volunteer job for their select team. These volunteer jobs are not managed by the club, rather by the team coach and manager. These select team jobs vary depending on each team’s needs.

Elmbrook United Select Cup Tournament Jobs (Select Team Families Only

These are jobs that contribute to the success of the Elmbrook United Select Cup Tournament, such as:  concessions worker, field marshal, parking attendant, soccer park maintenance worker/trash collector, field liner/drawer, registration worker.

If the club has a select tournament in a given year, each select family is asked to be involved with the tournament as well if their team is registered for the tournament.


The Volunteer Deposit collected from each family is designed to encourage sufficient volunteerism to keep the club running.

Q:        Am I charged the $100 volunteer deposit once per family or once per player?

A:        The intention is that each family is charged the $100 volunteer deposit.

 Q:        What is the difference between a “club” job and a select “team” job and how does it tie to the volunteer refund?

A:        Club jobs are things that benefit the whole club such as working concessions, lining fields, working a tournament, etc. The $100 volunteer deposit is collected at registration and refunded upon completion of you fulfilling a club job for each of your players or upon taking on a position which fulfills all of your club obligations.

Team jobs are things that benefit the team specifically, such as managing, being a team treasurer, snack coordinator, hotel organizer, tournament chair, social coordinator, etc. This has nothing to do with your $100 volunteer deposit. However this does not relieve you from fulfilling a role if your team needs it.

Q:        When can I expect to receive my reimbursement after I have completed my club volunteer job(s)?

A:        Once your volunteer job has been confirmed by the appropriate person it is given to the Volunteer Coordinator for processing. Refund requests are sent to the accountants on the 22nd of each month at which time checks are cut and sent to the family. Credit card refunds are not possible due to system constraints. Checks are sent to the primary address you used at the time of registration. Be sure to contact the volunteer coordinator with your new address if it changes after registration.

 Q:        How do I let the Volunteer Coordinator know that I did my job?

A:        This is a little different job to job. You must sign in at things like Concessions duty or park opening events where there are a number of volunteers and someone overseeing the volunteers. If it is an independent activity like weekly garbage duty or weeding at the park, you are responsible for emailing the Volunteer Coordinator once you have completed your job.

 Q:        I have tried to sign up for an activity but they are always full by the time I get to them. What can I do about that?

A:        There will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to work. You will receive Sign-Up Genius invitations for you to participate in the activities you listed as your first choice first and we will move to your second choice as the year goes by and we see you haven’t fulfilled your job yet. We will also open up invitations to anyone that still needs a job as the year goes by. Just because you don’t get a job in fall doesn’t mean you need to worry. There are lots of opportunities in spring that need help over and above concessions and field lining, such as the Bob Buss tournament and park closing. We want everyone to have a chance to get their volunteer deposit back.

Please note that we use Sign-Up Genius as our sign up software. If you are not registered with Sign-Up Genius, these invitations might end up in your spam. We recommend you review your spam to look for invitations from us or be sure to register with Sign-Up Genius (https://www.signupgenius.com/register). It is free.

Q:        I haven’t received any volunteer signup opportunities yet? What’s up?

A:        At registration, each family indicated a preference for volunteer activities, such as concessions, field lining, fundraising, special events, etc. Based on that, we send invitations to Sign-Up Genius signups. Sometimes we expand the offers outside of your preference as we do not get enough positions filled from those included in the initial invitation.

Q:        What is our obligation to work at tournaments sponsored by the club?

A:         The Bob Buss, Academy and Pumpkin tournaments rely on club families to run successfully. The shifts for these tournaments are viewed as any other club job and will allow a family to fulfill one of their club jobs by working it. Although the club did not sponsor a select tournament this year, we anticipate we will again next year. We will address the tournament volunteer requirements for select families with next year’s registration. In the past, the expectation was that if your team participated in the tournament, you would be asked to work a shift. That was in addition to the club job.

Q:        I am very busy and can’t fit in one more thing. Can I opt out of my volunteer job(s)?

A:        Yes, you can opt out of the club volunteer requirement. You may have done it at registration or you may do it post-registration by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator. We will note that request and the $100 volunteer deposit will be used by the club to hire assistance as necessary.

 Note that if you do not show up for a volunteer opportunity that you signed up for and you do not attempt to contact us prior to that shift, you will forfeit your $100 volunteer deposit. By missing your shift, not only did it inconvenience someone else but that volunteer spot was made unavailable to someone else trying to earn that refund back.

If you change your email after registration, please contact the volunteer coordinator so you are able to receive volunteer opportunities.

Feel free to contact Christine Keyes, EBU Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected] if you have any further questions.


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