Spring 2024

Spring 2024 schedules are posted below, organized by age group.  Make sure to check the Voigt Soccer Park map for field locations.  Games will be held offsite at various fields the weekend of April 20-21 due to the EBU Academy Festival.

Games on 4/20 and 4/28 that were rained out have been rescheduled.  Please see the schedules below for those rescheduled games.   (Note: Since we already had some games scheduled on 5/5, any games highlighted in yellow were already on your original schedule.)

Maps & Fields
GAMES RESCHEDULED FROM MAY 7-8 (updated 5/13/24)
U6 Coed East (Revised 5/2)
U6 Coed West (Revised 5/14)
U6 Coed North (Revised 5/14)
U7 Coed East (Revised 5/14)
U7 Coed West (Revised 5/14)
U8 Coed East (Revised 5/2)
U8 Coed West (Revised 5/2)
U9 Coed (Revised 5/2)
U10 Coed (Revised 5/2)
U11/U12 Coed (Revised 5/13)
U13/U14/U15 Coed (Revised 5/14)
U6 Girls East (Revised 5/2)
U6 Girls West (Revised 5/14)
U7 Girls East (Revised 5/14)
U7 Girls West (Revised 5/14)
U8 Girls (Revised 5/2)
U9 Girls (Revised 5/13)
U10 Girls (Revised 5/2)
U11/U12 Girls (Revised 5/13)
U13/U14/U15 Girls (Revised 5/2)