Fall 2022  

The Fall 2022 recreational season will run from September 10 through the end of October.  Please see below for schedules & field maps.  Note that the names of some of our fields have changed at Voigt Soccer Park due to some great new sponsors.  Make sure to check the revised map.

U6 Coed North
U6 Coed South
U7 Coed North
U7 Coed South
U8 Coed
U9 Coed (Revised 9/19/22)
U10 Coed (Revised 9/19/22)
U11/U12 Coed
U13/U14/U15 Coed
U6 Girls
U7 Girls
U8 Girls
U9 Girls (Revised 9/19/22)
U10 Girls
U11/U12 Girls
U13/U14/U15 Girls
Maps & Fields