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The team manager is responsible for the administration of their team’s activities and for communication between the families on the team and the coach and Elmbrook United. The role of the team manager is critical to the success of the team and directly impacts the positive experience of the team.

EBU Select Manager Information 2022-2023

Managers should check that all their players have registered in Demosphere.  If they have not, have them register using this link: Demosphere Registration Link.   Players also need to upload and save a photo (head shot) for their player pass.

Referee Fees – Select State and Southeast Classic League (SECL) – 2022-2023

Referee Fees – Midwest Conference – 2022-2023

Referee Fees – Elite League – 2022-2023

  • Each team pays half of the referee fees for each game.  The charts in the links above shows what each ref receives per game.  (For example, for17U/18U/19U State League teams, the center ref receives $50 and each sideline ref receives $34.  Each team pays half of $50 = $25  to the center ref.  Then, they pay half of $34 = $17 to each sideline ref/AR.  For a for17U/18U/19U game the cost is $25 + $17 + $17 = $59.)

EBU Select Team Job Descriptions 

  • Managers should use these jobs as a guide.   Managers may have other jobs that they would like to assign to team parents or they may want to do some of the  jobs themselves.  It is up to the manager to delegate team jobs as they see fit.

Forms & Medical Releases for Tournaments

Wisconsin WYSA 2022-2023 Tournament and Event Medical Release

Wisconsin WYSA  & Club Communicable Disease Waiver  2021-2022

Illinois IYSA 2022-2023 Medical Release and Liability Waiver

Illinois IYSA Communicable Disease Waiver 2021-2022

Other Helpful Links

Wisconsin Youth Soccer –

Midwest Conference –

Elite Academy –

Travel Permits – Register as a manager.  Go to Tournament Center.  Click on travel permits. –



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