Recreational soccer

Elmbrook United follows the U.S. Youth Soccer birth year mandate at all levels – Recreational, Academy, and Select Soccer.  Therefore, EBU forms recreational teams based on players’ birth year rather than on players’ school grade.  

Below, US Youth Soccer Director of Coaching Sam Snow answers frequently asked questions regarding US Youth Soccer’s implementation of birth year age groups as opposed to school age groups.

Why has the decision been made to switch from teams formed by school year to teams formed by calendar year?

To be in line with the other 208 countries that register youth players by their year of birth.  The change will also make it easier for American club teams to play internationally.

How do I know in which age group a player will participate?

What if a player wants to play with his or her school friends, but is in a different age group?

Depending on local rules for playing up, a player will be able to play up with an older age group – which has been true for decades.  At EBU, a player must receive approval by the Recreational Coaching Director to play up.  As always, a player may not play down with a younger age group.

How are age groups determined in other FIFA nations?

By the year in which a player is born; i.e., calendar year.

When did the change to calendar year age groups take effect?

U.S. Youth Soccer’s programs changed to calendar year at the beginning of the 2016-2017 season.  U.S. Soccer has mandated that all clubs move to the calendar year by August 2017.

2018/2019 Fall-Spring Soccer Season

U6 = 2013 birth year & 2014 birth year

U7 = 2012 birth year

U8 = 2011 birth year

U9 = 2010 birth year

U10 = 2009 birth year

U11 = 2008 birth year

U12 = 2007 birth year

U13 = 2006 birth year

U14/U15 = 2005 birth year & 2004 birth year (if still in eighth grade)


Elmbrook United recreational teams have volunteer coaches, assistant coaches and managers.  The recreational league playing season begins after Labor Day, takes a break for winter, resumes in early spring and ends with the Bob Buss Club Tournament in early June. Most games are played on Saturdays, anytime between 9 a.m.and 4 p.m., and last about one hour. EBU tries to schedule 7 or 8 games for each season.  There are usually a few mid-week games scheduled each season.

Practices are scheduled on weekday evenings at area parks and schools.  Recreational teams are limited to one practice per week during the playing season.  Games are held at Voigt Soccer Park, Elm Grove Park, and some local parks.  EBU recreational teams participate in our in-house Elmbrook United League, where they play each other in fall and spring.  Teams at U12 and above may play in the WARS league (Waukesha Area Recreational Soccer), which includes teams from the neighboring communities of Waukesha, Elm Grove, Sussex,  Menomonee Falls, Genesee,  and Oconomowoc.


Registration takes place in May for the following Fall season. Elmbrook United utilizes online registration through Demosphere, where you can register and pay the registration fee with a credit card.  After June 30th, players can register but registrations may be held until it is certain there is space available in your child’s age division.  Also, registrations received after June 30 will be charged a $40 late fee.  Players may register for the Full Year (Fall & Spring) or for the Fall Only.

Players are placed on teams according to their birth year.   Players can never play down to their grade (if a player’s grade puts them in a lower soccer age group then their birth year puts them, then they must play with their birth year).  This is a national soccer rule.

Players are notified of their team assignments and practice schedules in late August. Players receive the location of their teams’ practice through their coach, and schedules for league games are distributed at the first practice. The club strives to balance player ability and experience throughout the teams in each age division. Recreational teams are newly formed each year to help achieve this balance. All players are expected to play at least half of every game, except in cases of injury or discipline. Sorry, we cannot honor requests for players to be placed with friends or for carpooling (exception is at U6, where you can request one other person to be on the same team as your child).

Uniforms are included as part of player registration. Your child will receive a uniform consisting of a shirt, shorts, and socks. You will need to provide your child with shin guards and a soccer ball. Soccer shoes are recommended, but not mandatory.

If you need to pull your child out of Elmbrook United before the season starts, you will receive a refund minus $25.00.  EBU does not offer any refunds once the season (practices) has started.


Elmbrook United accepts registrations for Spring starting January 15th until February 15th.  After that time, please check the main page of the website to see if Elmbrook United is still accepting recreational soccer registrations.  Players who chose to play just the Fall only season may re-register to play the Spring season as well.  They will remain on their same team.   New Spring registrants will be placed on existing fall teams as space is available or on a new spring team, depending on registration numbers.  Once again, we cannot honor special requests to be with friends, specific coaches, or for carpools.


Elmbrook United may cancel an entire day’s game schedule if the weather has created field drainage problems during the week, or if rain is predicted for the day.  Severe weather or snow may also cause a total club cancellation.  PLEASE check the website for any cancellations.  It will be posted by 3:00 pm during the week and 8:30 am weekends.

If a Saturday cancellation decision is made, cancelled games will be made up on the designated Rain-Out Make-Up Day.  This is only for Elmbrook United recreational home games.  Only one total club cancellation day will be rescheduled in fall and and in spring.  Any other total club cancellations during the season will not be rescheduled.  The club scheduler reserves the right to adjust some times to accommodate referees and field availability. If Elmbrook United closes its fields during the week, and a game is cancelled, both teams should contact their Division Director, to reschedule the game.

If a referee cancels a game, and the game’s first half is completed, the game is called at the start of the second half, and that game is considered a full game.  If a referee calls a game during the first half, the teams should contact their Division Director to reschedule the game.

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