Future EBU Turf Fields

For some time, EBU has been considering converting one or more of our grass fields into artificial turf. Such conversion would be a major
investment, one that must be fiscally sound and without the potential to negatively affect future Club operations. It is also important that the investment benefit all Club players, whether recreational, academy or select. The Club is in a strong financial position and, after careful consideration of all of the above factors, we believe the time is right to take the first steps necessary to make EBU turf fields a reality.

Recently the Club formed a Turf Field Exploratory Committee for the purpose of evaluating the specific pros and cons of undertaking this endeavor. One of our club members, civil engineer Adam Artz,
generously offered his time and company resources to perform a
feasibility assessment. The outcome of the assessment was very
positive, and there are a number of locations at Voigt Soccer Park
where grass fields could be converted to artificial turf.

We’ve also had a member attorney review our agreements with the City of Brookfield as well as applicable city and state ordinances and
regulations, generously done “pro-bono” at no charge to the club. We would need to work closely with the City and gain approval for any enhancements to the soccer park, but the initial attorney review
concluded that a turf field(s) would be possible pending approval and funding.

As with all clubs in the area, we’ve experienced a very difficult year
with the wet Wisconsin weather resulting in many canceled or
rescheduled practices and games. One of the major benefits of an
artificial turf field is that its usage is not affected as
dramatically by inclement weather. Because of better drainage and the absence of soil, artificial turf fields are ready for play after (or
even during) a weather event much sooner than a natural grass field
might be.

The durability of turf also means that the potential exists to play
more games, more often. Where a natural grass field might need to be “rested” so that maintenance can be performed between games, an artificial turf field does not require this. A turf field(s) would
also give us the benefit of playing outdoors for a much longer period
of the year.

I’ve had many conversations with EBU’s Director of Coaching, Joe
Leudke, and he strongly believes that a turf field(s) is necessary to
maintain competitive equality with other area clubs, the majority of
which already have access to turf fields. Clubs with turf fields enjoy
the advantages of fewer disruptions to player, parent, coach and staff schedules, more practices and closer adherence to coaches’ planned training regimens, and increased flexibility in scheduling and rescheduling games. We believe EBU players and parents deserve those same advantages.

It is an exciting time for the Club. I’m confident that turf field(s)
will help to take us to the next level and provide many benefits for
years to come. However, we will need the support and help of our
members and the community to achieve our goal. Volunteer
participation, fundraising, individual donations, and corporate
sponsorships are all necessary to make a project of this scope
possible. It is an aggressive timeline, but our goal is to be to
playing on the new field(s) in the Fall of 2020.

Please email me directly if you would be willing to undertake a role
in bringing turf field(s) to EBU. We need assistance in the areas of
marketing, fundraising, communications, administration, legal,
finance, and construction. Even if you don’t have a background in any of these areas, we would welcome any help you would be able to
provide. I look forward to hearing from you.


Rich Waple
EBU President
[email protected]

2019 Elmbrook United Select Tryouts

EBU select tryouts will be held the week of June 17 for players U15 through U19. Tryouts will be held at Voigt Soccer Park, 19355 W. Lisbon Road, Brookfield, WI.  There is a $25 tryout fee per player.  (Fee includes t-shirt.) Players should bring soccer shoes, shin guards, water, and an age-appropriate ball.   

For more information about tryouts CLICK HERE.


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