EBU will hold tryouts as scheduled today, Wednesday, July 15.  However, with the possibility of rain and thunderstorms in the forecast, participants and their families should be aware that tryouts may be cancelled on site if severe weather develops.  Parents should be prepared to pick up players early, before the end of tryouts, in the event of bad weather. 


To ensure that all goes smoothly, and the COVID-19 standards and guidelines of Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association are followed, we are asking all tryout participants and their families to follow the procedures listed below.

Players should . . .

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early to tryouts.  To prevent large gatherings, they should avoid arriving earlier.
  • Report directly to their assigned field.  They will check in with their coach and pick up their tryout t-shirts at their assigned field.  (A list of field assignments and a map of Voigt Soccer Park are attached to this email.)
  • Bring a properly inflated soccer ball, a light and dark colored shirt, their own water bottle and water, and their own personal hand sanitizer.  (No water will be available at Voigt Park.)
  • Maintain social distancing, when possible. 

Note that . . .

  • Parents will not be allowed on fields and cannot watch tryouts.
  • There will be portable bathrooms on site, but please plan ahead to limit the overall use of these facilities.  The EBU concession stand bathrooms will be closed. 
  • All players should have filled out and returned the WYSA COVID-19 medical release waiver to EBU.  (A copy of this waiver is below.  If you have not filled out this form, please do so now and email it to [email protected]).  Players will not be allowed to participate in tryouts if EBU has not received their waiver.

WYSA Covid-19 Waiver

Player Notifications

According to WYSA rules, player notifications – that they have made a team – will be made beginning at noon on Tuesday, July 21, for all players.  Notifications will be made by email and/or phone.  Notifications will continue until rosters are complete.  All players who attend tryouts will receive an email and/or phone call.  Players who are offered a spot on an EBU team will have 24 hours to notify the team’s coach that they will accept the position.  If players do not contact the coach within 24 hours, their spots may be given to first alternate players.  Once an offer is accepted, a player will have until Thursday, July 23, to register online at http://elmbrookunited.com/registration/.   If players do not register by Thursday, July 23, their offers may be rescinded and offered to other qualified players at the discretion of the club.

For tryout dates, times, and field assignments CLICK HERE. If you have questions, or need additional information, please email [email protected]

Wisconsin Youth soccer & Elmbrook united enter PHase II of the play on protocol

Effective Monday, June 29, WYSA and its member clubs – including Elmbrook United – have entered US Soccer’s Phase II of the PLAY ON Protocol.  Phase II brings full teams back together again on the training field.  While trainings may begin to look more “normal” during Phase II, in consideration of how COVID-19 is transmitted, it still will be vitally important that everyone involved in the process of return to play does so with extreme diligence and attention to the widely-agreed-upon standards and guidelines.  For more information about the US Soccer Phase II PLAY ON Protocol, CLICK HERE.

EBU Volunteer Update – 6/2/20

Thank you to the many families that have completed thousands of hours of work on behalf of our players, teams, and the club this year.  We hope that you recognize the importance of each and every job that was undertaken.

The cancellation of the spring season has brought about a number of questions about outstanding volunteer deposit refunds. Families that have not yet been reimbursed have been emailed with details about how that deposit can still be refunded. One key change that has been made to the normal volunteer refund policy for spring 2020 is that families can earn their refund by completing one job per family as opposed to having to do a job for each player. We recognize that it may seem strange that we still need volunteers even though the spring season was cancelled, however we still have a soccer park and fields to maintain throughout the summer as well as tryouts to conduct and other annual summer maintenance tasks that must occur.

Current signups will be posted at https://www.elmbrookunited.com/volunteers/. There will be opportunities provided at all different times of the day and on different days of the week, all the way through the end of July. Some of the opportunities will allow you to work alone while others will be in responsibly-sized groups allowing social distancing. We will also provide specifics in terms of masks and other sanitary considerations with each signup.

Upon completion of your qualifying job, your deposit will be refunded to the credit card that you used for your 2019-2020 registration.

If your plans have changed and you wish to opt-out of receiving your volunteer deposit back, please email Christine Keyes at [email protected] and she will make note of it on your record.

Thank you again for your time. We could not provide the quality soccer experience that we do without the help of each and every one of you.

Elmbrook United