Referee Information

Elmbrook United (EBU) Soccer uses referees from the Waukesha County Referee Unit.  Our referee assignor is Jon Schrantz, [email protected].  Several referee classes will be held locally before the start of each season.  EBU may occasionally host these classes, but they are independently run by  Please remember that you must recertify annually.

If you have questions regarding referee courses or recertification, please email Sue Walters at [email protected] or [email protected] for further help.

Upcoming Classes:

Visit for more information.  Most of the courses are currently being held virtually.

To Recertify:

Access the US Soccer Learning Center  Referees can find the instructions in the WisRef Library ( in their GameOfficials account.  Recertifying Referees can contact their Assignors for further information.  Recertifying Referees will “Sign up” the first time they log into the US Soccer Learning Center with their name, birthdate and email and will create a password for their Referee profile that US Soccer has set up for them. You  should not need to create a second profile.  You will need to compIete online hours ahead of time which will be outlined when you sign up.    Access the document below for assistance in signing in.

New Referees:

You must be 13 years of age to sign up.  Go to the US Soccer Learning Center, create an account and follow the prompts to register.  There is an online portion of this class that will need to be completed ahead of time.

Access the document below for assistance in creating an account and signing up.

How to Sign Up for Referee Courses

2018-2019 Recreational Referee Fees

Age Group

Center Referee

Assistant Referee (each)

Amount EachTeam Pays

Per Game if all Referees

are Present


Parent Ref






$7 (Center Only)

U9 – U10



$8 (Center Only)




$15 (Center) + $10 + $10 (Assistants) = $35




$22 (Center) + $15 + $15 (Assistants) = $52

These game fees follow the recommendations set by Wisconsin Youth Soccer, as of August 2018.

Elmbrook United