Effective Friday, August 14, Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association and its member clubs – including Elmbrook United – have entered US Soccer’s Phase III of the PLAY ON Protocol.  Phase III allows our teams to play full-team games with other EBU teams and with teams from other clubs.  However, WYSA has issued new protocols that all Wisconsin clubs will be following to ensure that their participants remain safe.  These protocols are listed below.  Please carefully review and help us comply with all these protocols at games and practices.  With your assistance we can keep our players, families, and staff in good health and have a great fall season!

Phase III Protocols/Return to Play Guidelines

Parents should conduct a health check on players at home before going to a game or training, following the US Youth Soccer Coronavirus Self-Check screening questions.

Any player or coach exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms of any kind must refrain from participation for 10 days or until medical clearance through a primary care provider has been acquired.

All players not on the field of play during a game will be required to wear a mask wherever possible.

Players must maintain a social distance whenever on the sidelines or talking with a coach or referee. 

Coaches will track attendance of players at training sessions and games.

Coaches will be required to wear a mask during games and training wherever possible.   

Parents and spectators are not allowed at training sessions.  Parents must stay in their vehicles.

All spectators in attendance at a game will be required to wear a mask.  Any spectator who cannot meet this requirement may observe from a vehicle and/or be absent from the fields/facility until the match is completed.

Spectators and players, not actively participating in a game, must stay at least 6 feet apart, unless they are within the same family unit.

No more than two spectators per player are allowed at a match to limit the amount of people at a game field at one time.

Spectators should be situated on the same sideline as their team bench, with the opposing team and spectators on the opposite sideline to limit exposure.  

Players and spectators may only consume drinks or snacks they have provided for themselves. No team snacks.  Concessions will be closed.

Teams will have shorter warm-up times for games, and games will be spaced out as much as possible, to allow one game’s participants to clear the field before the next game starts.

Prior to, during and following a training or game there will be no handshakes, high fives, or other unnecessary contact, even within the team.

Carpooling to a game or training, outside of a family unit, is not recommended.

Bathrooms at Voigt Soccer Park will be open.  Only two people will be allowed to enter the bathrooms at a time.  People should stay at least 6 feet apart while waiting to enter the bathrooms.

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Elmbrook United is committed to the health and safety of our players. In response to COVID-19, we will follow the US Soccer’s Play On Grassroots Soccer Return to Play guidelines.  The current phase and progression between phases are based on guidance from WYSA, Public Health Madison & Dane County and the best interest of our players. To review US Soccer’s complete guidance on each phase, visit: https://www.ussoccer.com/playon/guides


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